Botched breast implant surgery leaves Tennessee woman deformed

A Middle Tennessee woman says that complications related to a recent surgery on her breasts have caused her to lose feeling in her chest area. She recently filed a malpractice lawsuit to recover damage for permanent injuries that have left her completely numb.

The woman claims that she can pinch herself on her chest as hard as she can, but she still doesn't feel a thing. She says that she used to love her body, but a botched breast implant surgery means that she doesn't love herself anymore. Following the surgery, the woman says that refused to leave her bed for three weeks and all she could do was cry.

The mother of eight children used to enjoy wearing bikinis, and she had received a successful breast implant surgery in the past. She always believed that her body was in wonderful shape. However, recently, she decided to go in for a minor procedure to take away some scarring that had formed on her breast. In her surgical consent paperwork, she gave permission for a bilateral scar revision on her breast and liposuction in her abdominal area.

The woman's attorney says that the surgery was supposed to be simple. However, it resulted in her losing her nipple and now she is deformed, the attorney says. Originally, she had healthy breasts, but now, according to the attorney, they look "terrible." The attorney said that the surgeon went beyond what the woman consented to by performing a complete breast reconstruction, and failed.

Tennessee patients who have suffered from a botched breast implant surgery do not have to suffer in silence. Indeed, they may have the ability pursue financial claims for damages in court against the surgeon and/or medical facility responsible for their injuries.

Source:, "Woman Sues Alleging Botched Breast Surgery," Nick Beres, Nov. 03, 2016

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