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Loss of quality of life claims in Tennessee

When a Tennessee car accident injury is so severe that the victim suffers a disabling or disfiguring injury, the victim will most likely experience a permanent loss in the quality of his or her life. Perhaps he or she is no longer able to enjoy the same sports, enjoy his or her family or earn the same kind of income. These and other factors will all lead into supporting the claim for loss in quality of life.

Common categories of compensation in wrongful death claims

There are different categories of compensation that individuals can pursue in a Tennessee wrongful death actions. Compensation varies from case to case, depending on the facts and circumstances involved. The following four varieties of compensation are often pursued in these cases:

Loss of consortium claims in Tennessee

It seems natural that Tennessee residents seriously hurt by another party's negligence should have the ability to seek financial claims against that person. But what about family members of the victims? Haven't family members been harmed too? For example, if a husband is seriously disabled and no longer able to enjoy the same kind of activities with his wife, or can no longer have a meaningful conversation with his wife, hasn't the wife suffered a serious loss as well?

Are the headlights on your vehicle good enough?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety claims that headlights on one-third of midsize vehicles aren't good enough. It further claims that just one car, the Toyota Prius, has headlights that are good enough to receive a "good rating" -- but only if the Prius gets an optional upgrade.