5 common risks during a hospital stay

If you're planning to spend some time at a hospital, you should know that there's no such thing as a hospital that's free of certain risks. Patients staying hat hospitals need to be aware of these risks they're facing, so they'll have a better chance of avoiding them. Nevertheless, doctors and surgeons don't always educate their patients about what kind of dangers they'll be facing during their stays at medical facilities.

Here are five of the most common hospital-related risks:

-- Wrong medication errors: Your nurse and your doctor are helping a lot of different patients at once. It's very easy for them to give you the wrong medication, and that medication could result in serious complications. Never blindly take a pill at a hospital before checking the label.

-- Hospital infections: There are a lot of sick people in a hospital, and there are some dangerous infections that otherwise healthy patients could contract. Patients should be aware of any signs of an infection and advise their physician immediately.

-- Post-op pneumonia: Surgery will weaken your immune system. Also, if you're lying on your back for a long time, your immune system will also diminish in function. As such, patients need to be on high alert for any sign of respiratory ailments.

-- Deadly blood clots: If you've just had surgery, you need to know that there's a risk of deep vein thrombosis and blood clot.

-- Anesthesia risks: Patients who have received anesthesia need to know that there's never a "routine" anesthesia experience. There are always a lot of risks of complication during anesthesia. Make sure to talk to your surgeon and the anesthesiologist about how these risks might apply to you.

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