Tennessee health department failed to report nursing home abuse

The Tennessee Department of Health formerly criticized a nursing home in Sullivan County for its failure to disclose abuse allegations. Later, the Sullivan County district attorney's office criticized the Tennessee Department of Health for doing exactly the same.

The district attorney said that he didn't find out about alleged neglect and abuse claims at the Brookhaven Manor nursing home until after it appeared in the media. He said that the resulting delay has hindered the criminal investigation into the abuse allegations. He said that when an abuse issue has already been disclosed, it's difficult to perform a criminal investigation and interview witnesses, and his office's investigations will not be as fruitful.

According to state records, Brookhaven Manor failed to protect nine of its residence from being abused. Allegedly, the nursing facility also failed to terminate the accused person, failed to properly report allegations and failed to investigate six out of the nine cases of abuse. Due to these violations, the state of Tennessee has suspended the nursing home from being able to bring new admissions into the facility.

The district attorney said that the Tennessee Department of Health should have notified his office before taking administrative action relating to the suspension. He said that merely instituting a fine is not enough.

Have you or your loved one suffered from nursing home abuse? Not only will your abuser need to face the criminal consequences for his or her actions, but the abuser and the nursing home that employed him or her will also be liable for financial damages relating to the abuse if you choose to hold them accountable by filing a personal injury claim in civil court.

Source: wjhl.com, "State failed to notify DA about possible nursing home abuse," Nate Morabito, Jan. 16, 2017

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