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2 questions car accident plaintiffs commonly ask

At Chancey Kanavos Love & Painter, car accident plaintiffs come to our firm in a lot of different ways. Sometimes, however, they're too physically injured to visit us at our Bradley, Tennessee, offices, so we go to them. In order to conduct a free, no obligation consultation with a new client, our lawyers may come to visit you wherever you are -- at home, at a hospital, in a rehabilitation facility or at your family's home.

Were you partially at fault for a truck accident?

At Chancey, Kavanos, Love & Painter, we have represented a lot of plaintiffs in car and semitruck accidents. Something that we have come to know for sure in all of our experience is that no two motor vehicle crashes are the same. Another thing we've come to learn is that the issue of "fault" is never cut and dry.

What are statutes of limitation?

When statutes of limitation apply to a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, it means that the plaintiffs in the action only have a limited period of time within which they must file their legal action. All civil actions — even wrongful death lawsuits — will have such a time limit that applies to them.

Tennessee couple sue ambulance company over their son's death

A couple in Tennessee is asking for $5 million in wrongful death compensation for an ambulance company's negligence. The couple says that both their sons, a 14-year-old and a 22-year-old, perished following a tragic car crash. In their lawsuit, they allege that their 22-year-old son could have survived if the ambulance service had called another service provider on the other side of the county line.