2 questions car accident plaintiffs commonly ask

At Chancey Kanavos Love & Painter, car accident plaintiffs come to our firm in a lot of different ways. Sometimes, however, they're too physically injured to visit us at our Bradley, Tennessee, offices, so we go to them. In order to conduct a free, no obligation consultation with a new client, our lawyers may come to visit you wherever you are -- at home, at a hospital, in a rehabilitation facility or at your family's home.

While conducting this first consultation with a potential new client, we'll do everything we can to answer all the questions you have. The questions of new plaintiffs commonly include the following:

-- How can I pay for my medical costs?

In most cases, car accident plaintiffs come to because they're facing a mountain of unaffordable medical bills and they have no idea how they're going to pay for them. If you have health insurance, your health insurance company might foot some of this bill. If you don't have medical insurance, then you might need to carry this medical debt during your personal injury claim. If successfully navigated, however, your personal injury case might result in a financial recovery to pay for all your medical needs that resulted from the car crash.

-- What if I'm permanently or temporarily disabled and cannot work?

During your personal injury case, the attorneys at Chancey Kanavos Love & Painter will evaluate the extent of your injuries and disabilities -- often with the assistance of a medical expert witness. This evidence from these evaluations can be used during your court proceedings to make the case for an addition recovery to compensate you for lost income. That lost income may be an estimate relating to the rest of your life in the case of a permanent disability, or for a finite amount of time in the case of a temporary disability.

A Chancey Kanavos Love & Painter, we are here to help you with your a car accident. Our highly experienced Tennessee car accident attorneys will assist you in navigating your personal injury claims to seek the maximum amount of financial compensation in your lawsuit.

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