Were you partially at fault for a truck accident?

At Chancey, Kavanos, Love & Painter, we have represented a lot of plaintiffs in car and semitruck accidents. Something that we have come to know for sure in all of our experience is that no two motor vehicle crashes are the same. Another thing we've come to learn is that the issue of "fault" is never cut and dry.

In fact, in a semitruck versus passenger car accident, it isn't uncommon for the truck driver (and his or her company) and the motor vehicle driver to be at fault for the accident. However, because trucks are so big and heavy, it's usually the motor vehicle driver and his or her passengers who are left to deal with serious and often fatal injuries.

Fortunately, even in cases where the injured vehicle driver was also at fault for a truck accident, the legal doctrine referred to as "comparative negligence" may protect the injured driver's ability to seek compensation in court. In such a situation, where both drivers are at fault, the court will divide financial liability between both the parties. The motorist will still be able to recover damages, only the truck driver's liability will be reduced.

As an example, let's say a motor vehicle driver didn't have his headlights on, and was difficult to see. Then, a truck driver -- who was speeding 30 miles an hour over the speed limit -- slammed into the back of the car. Both are at fault, and both may be liable 50-50 for damages resulting from the crash. The injured vehicle driver will still, at the very least, be able to recover part of his financial damages in the incident.

Were you hurt in an accident with a negligent or unlawful semitruck driver? The attorneys at Chancey, Kavanos, Love & Painter are here to help. We will analyze the facts of your case and devise a strategic legal plan of action to seek the financial remuneration you deserve.

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