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Are highway guardrails dangerous in Tennessee?

Reports of a teenage driver who died after colliding with a highway guardrail have spurred an investigation by Fox 17 into the safety of Tennessee guardrails. The 17-year-old woman drove into a guardrail that is supposed to collapse on impact and prevent severe damage and injuries.

What's the elder Abuse Suspicion Index?

Every person who stays in a nursing facility is different. Some are so vocal that they complain about everything -- to the degree that it seems like they're being abused when they're actually not. Others will silently endure lots of horrible and abusive situations without ever saying a word. Still, other residents do not even have the mental or physical capacity to complain about their abuser.

What are the primary causes of a car accident?

The most common causes of a car accident in Tennessee happen every single day. Drivers are making these mistakes, and these dangerous conditions, are present at all times you're on the roadway. In most situations, they don't result in accidents, but when they do, the consequences can be deadly.

What damages can I claim in a personal injury case?

A serious injury requires medical treatment from doctors, physicians and hospitals. The problem is, once a Tennessee resident steps one foot inside a medical facility or hospital, he or she will incur massive costs relating to the medical care received. These costs, in most cases, are so exorbitant that they're completely unaffordable.