What are the primary causes of a car accident?

The most common causes of a car accident in Tennessee happen every single day. Drivers are making these mistakes, and these dangerous conditions, are present at all times you're on the roadway. In most situations, they don't result in accidents, but when they do, the consequences can be deadly.

Let's take a look at how the vast majority of car accidents happen:

-- Texting while driving: Day by day, Tennessee residents are becoming more addicted to their cellphones, and they're using them more and more while they're driving. It's illegal to text and drive, but it's a pandemic and it causes numerous fatal incidents on the road.

-- Distracted driving: Like texting-while-driving, distracted drivers are taking their eyes off the road for long periods of time, which is a recipe for disaster.

-- Driving under the influence: Whether it's an illegal drug, a prescription drug or alcohol, Tennessee residents are not permitted to drive while intoxicated because this reckless practice causes catastrophic and deadly roadway collisions.

-- Reckless driving: Have you ever seen a driver swerving in and out of traffic, or passing other vehicles when they shouldn't? This is reckless and unnecessary driving and it's exceedingly dangerous.

-- Speeding: Speed limits exist for a reason, and exceeding them creates unnecessary risks.

If you were hurt by someone doing one of the unlawful and/or negligent driving practices described above, you may have a viable personal injury claim for financial damages. If successfully navigated, such a claim could bring you valuable financial compensation to pay for your medical bills stemming from the incident.

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