What damages can I claim in a personal injury case?

A serious injury requires medical treatment from doctors, physicians and hospitals. The problem is, once a Tennessee resident steps one foot inside a medical facility or hospital, he or she will incur massive costs relating to the medical care received. These costs, in most cases, are so exorbitant that they're completely unaffordable.

Medical bills related to a serious injury could cost the injured person hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases. Following medical treatment, the person will then incur costs and expenses related to in-home services, rehabilitation services, physiotherapy and other expenditures. This is not to mention costs related to lost income from an inability to work.

The costs don't stop there, which is why the typical personal injury plaintiff will list a long string of costs and expenditures in his or her claims for compensation. These might include financial compensation for:

-- Medical services

-- In-home services

-- Pain and suffering

-- Lost income

-- Disability

-- Lost enjoyment of life

-- Loss of consortium

-- Attorneys' fees

-- Court costs

-- Punitive damages

-- Interest

-- Other categories of damages

Every personal injury case will involve different kinds of injuries at different levels of severity. In order to determine what kinds of damages you might be able to claim in your Tennessee accident case, you might want to seek out the opinion of an experienced personal injury lawyer. An attorney will look at your medical records, review the nature of your accident and identify potential at-fault parties to formulate the most appropriate strategy to seek financial compensation for your situation.

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