Shouldn't school buses have seatbelts?

A school bus crash is particularly dangerous to the student riders inside the bus. Not only is it rare for students in a bus to use a seatbelt, but there is no legal requirement for buses to have seatbelts installed, so in many cases, riders do not even have the option to use them. This means that even in a relatively minor bus accident, riders can get thrown around and suffer injuries.

This is exactly what happened in a bus crash earlier this month. The accident happened at a little before 6:30 a.m. Five high school students were traveling in the bus and three students were waiting to step up into the vehicle when the collision occurred. Four of the students suffered serious injuries. Fortunately no life-threatening injuries happened, but two of the students and the driver required hospital care.

The accident happened when a semitruck collided with the school bust. Police have not revealed whether the school bus driver or the semitruck is to blame for the crash, but we do know that the school bus driver was hit from behind by the semitruck while stopped at an intersection.

It's not clear why school buses still don't have legal seatbelts requirements. Indeed, it seems like young students are exactly the ones who would benefit most from such legislation; also, parents would feel more secure about saying goodbye to their children knowing they were seat belted on their way to school.

Have you or a loved one been hurt in a school bus crash? Bus passengers generally will have strong claims to seek financial restitution following a serious accident. The at-fault party may be the bus driver, the driver of the other vehicle, or some other defendant that was somehow connected to the collision.

Source: Herald Courier, "Four students injured in school bus crash along Volunteer Parkway," Zach Irby, May 01, 2017

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