3 important questions about nursing home abuse and neglect

Nursing home abuse and neglect are prevalent throughout care facilities in the Unites States. With the baby-boomer generation growing older, it seems that the situation is only getting worse. Here are few questions that every nursing home resident, or every relative of a nursing home resident, should know the answers to regarding this important topic.

What are the rights of nursing home residents?

Every nursing home resident has the right to live in a place that's free of the following forms of abuse: chemical restraint, physical restraint, sexual abuse, physical abuse and mental abuse. In the case of restraints, they may only be used in cases of medical necessity when it's vital for patient safety, and they must be administered by a doctor and they can only be temporary.

They also have the right to live in a residence that is free of neglect. Neglect may relate to the administering of a patient's health and safety needs. It might relate to receiving regular meals, clothing, supervision, shelter and medical care as well.

What happens if nursing home neglect or abuse occurs?

In order to determine if neglect or abuse has occurred, the patient, nursing home staff, family members of the patient and nursing home management will be interviewed to investigate what happened. This investigation will be performed by Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability (CAD). In the case that nursing home allegations are learned to be founded by the CAD, adult protective services will help resolve the situation in a way that the abuse does not continue.

Family members of nursing home abuse victims may wish to help by contacting a personal injury lawyer who can assist with filing claims for damages in civil court. A nursing home abuse or neglect personal injury claim -- if successfully navigated -- can be a way for victims to receive financial compensation to pay for medical care and other damages.

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