Pedestrian accidents on highways: Why they happen

Pedestrian versus car accidents are particularly unfortunate because pedestrians have no form of protection against a motor vehicle. Fortunately, though, for some pedestrians injured by cars in Tennessee, they can seek money to pay for their medical care stemming from the accident.

In this article, we will focus specifically on highway pedestrian accidents, which tend to beg the question: Can a pedestrian file a claim after being involved in a highway crash? The answer to this question is, yes.

A pedestrian can pursue a claim for damages following an injurious crash caused by another driver's negligence or wrongful behavior. In such a highway pedestrian accident case, Tennessee courts will consider various details when deciding the case. These details include:

-- Was there a legitimate reason for the pedestrian to be on the highway?

-- Was the pedestrian walking across or entering the highway?

-- Was the pedestrian walking in the dark?

-- Was the pedestrian walking on or standing on the shoulder?

-- Was the pedestrian trying to push a car out of the way? Or was he or she working on the car?

There are virtually an unlimited number of details that an injured pedestrian needs to keep in mind when he or she is pursuing a claim for damages after a pedestrian crash. For this reason, injured pedestrians in Tennessee are encouraged to get in touch with a lawyer immediately to ascertain whether they have a viable claim for damages. A lawyer will also be able to evaluate important issues such as statutes of limitations, i.e., how much time you have available within which to file the lawsuit.

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