4 common types of traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries among car accident victims are not uncommon. In fact, brain injuries from all kinds of sources happen to a lot of people every year. Approximately, 1.7 million people suffer from TBI annually, and 52,000 of these people die. This article will look at several of the ways that doctors categorize TBI, as not all head-related trauma results in the same kind of injury.

Here are the primary types of TBI that could happen to a Tennessee car crash victim:

-- Coup-Contrecoup: This brain injury happens during a collision when the brain not only gets hit from one side, but ends up slamming against another part of the skull. This can create brain damages on both side of the brain -- at the original site of impact and on the opposite side. Symptoms of a coup-contrecoup brain injury can be severe.

-- Concussion: This is the most common and mildest form of TBI, which usually happens after a significant blow to the head. Symptoms can be temporary or even permanent in severe cases. Often, victims recover quickly from concussions, but in recent years doctors have been learning about how seemingly mild concussion can have long-term consequences.

-- Brain Contusion: A brain contusion relates to a bruise or bleeding beneath the skin. This bleeding, when it happens in the head can put pressure on the brain that causes serious damage. Surgery may be required to remove a severe contusion that doesn't resolve itself.

-- Diffuse Axonal Injury: This injury is not so different from a concussion; it's just that diffuse axonal injuries are more severe. They can involve the tearing and ripping of brain tissues after a serious car crash or other traumatic events.

There are other categories of brain injury, like penetrating injuries that result from actual objects penetrating the cranium and piercing the brain. However, the above four types are the most common that doctors and personal injury lawyers deal with. If you've suffered a traumatic brain injury in a Tennessee vehicle crash, a personal injury lawyer can help you evaluate the facts of your case to determine if you have a viable claim to pursue financial compensation relating to the incident.

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