Mom of man killed in semitruck crash hopes to change the law

A Tennessee mother is trying to change federal law following the death of her son in a semitruck crash. The woman is lamenting the death of her son, and hoping it won't be in vain. In her effort to honor her son's memory, she spent the last days of August in Washington, D.C., to talk about trucking safety in round table discussions with leaders from the insurance and trucking industries.

The Truck Safety Coalition confirms that trucking fatalities continue to be high. Some 4,000 people lose their lives in such incidents every year. Among those deaths in 2014, was the woman's son. He drove into a semitruck as it was carrying out an illegal u-turn.

The efforts of the man's mother and insurance companies involve a new requirement that would make side safety panels mandatory in all semitrucks. This could prevent underride accidents from happening when a car gets crushed under a semitruck. The side safety panels, also known as "under rights" would prevent cars from driving under a truck like this, and they could prevent numerous deaths each year.

The mother of the man who died told the media, "For me, it's heartbreaking that there is a mechanism that could save lives, that could have saved Michael's life." The mother is hopeful that Congressman Steve Cohen will succeed in his efforts to introduce legislation that would require under rights on all semitrucks throughout the nation.

If the under rights requirement becomes law, and it only saves one life a year, it would no doubt be worth the investment. Nevertheless, there's no way to completely safeguard the lives of Tennessee drivers who get into crashes with semitrucks. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or died in a semitruck accident a personal injury lawyer can help you evaluate your legal rights and options.

Source: WKRN, "Tennessee mom looks to change law after son killed in crash with semi," Aug. 27, 2017

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