Top 6 reasons why semitruck accidents happen

Common sense tells you that when a passenger vehicle gets into a collision with a semitruck, the semitruck's weight and size will result in catastrophic damage -- and the possibility of fatal injuries -- to anyone inside the passenger car. In order to prevent these accidents from happening, semitruck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers need to learn about their common causes so they can avoid them.

Here are the top 6 reasons for semitruck crashes:

  • Sleepy drivers: Semitruck drivers are often driving far longer than they should, resulting in sleepiness. Tight schedules, and a mad push to get bonuses for on-time deliveries or avoid penalties for late deliveries, results in fatigued driving, which causes accidents. Semitruck drivers are therefore legally obligated to follow their prescribed sleeping schedules at all times.
  • Highway debris: Semitrucks might lose their tire treads, causing accidents behind them. Similarly, debris in the roadway can result in truck drivers losing control.
  • Rear-end collisions: Semitrucks can't stop as fast as passenger cars, resulting in accidents when a car in front of them stops too fast.
  • Losing control: If a semitruck falls off the shoulder of the road by accident, the truck driver could try to correct the truck and lose control.
  • Speeding: Speed laws are set for a reason. Any truck driver who speeds is exponentially more likely to get into a crash.
  • Bad road conditions: The cities, municipalities and governments can be held liable when they neglect to maintain the roadways in safe conditions.

Did you get hurt in a truck crash? Special laws and rules will apply to your situation. By consulting with a personal injury lawyer, you can explore your legal rights and options to seek financial compensation in court.

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