Wrong site surgery cases in Tennessee

The Institute of Medicine published a report in 1999 that shocked the world. The report, To Err is Human, documented the number of deaths, injuries and close calls that happened because of wrong site surgical procedures and other surgical mixups. Before 1999, no one -- including doctors -- were aware just how bad this problem was.

Wrong site surgery injuries were probably the most worrisome part of this report because they should have been completely preventable. In these cases, a patient goes in for a surgical procedure, but doctors perform the procedure on the wrong body part. Believe it or not, patients have had completely healthy limbs removed, while the limb that needed to be removed remained. The same has happened with fingers, toes, organs and other body parts. Doctors and preparatory staff sometimes make mistakes pre-surgery that involves the wrong body part being at risk of getting operated on.

Wrong site surgeries are definitely rare, but they are not as rare as they should be. One troubling fact is that the reporting of these incidents by doctors is voluntary. As such, only 10 percent of wrong site surgeries ever get reported to be included in medical statistics. The currently available statistics are therefore inaccurate. All we know is that somewhere between one out of every 27,686 and one out of 112,994 surgeries become wrong site surgeries.

Have you or a family member suffered the ill-effects of a wrong site surgery accident in Tennessee? If so, your injuries should have been avoided and the doctors and medical staff were clearly negligent or reckless in a way that would support your claims for financial damages in court.

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