Tennessee taxi driver dead following tragic rear-end crash

A 55-year-old man is dead following a catastrophic four-vehicle accident in mid-October. The incident happened in downtown Nashville at approximately 4 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon. According to authorities, the victim was stopped at a traffic light when another vehicle -- a Ford Econoline Van -- drove into the back of him.

Police say that the cab driver was found dead at the crash site. A passenger in the taxi survived the incident, but not without injuries. Emergency responders rushed the taxi passenger to a nearby hospital for treatment. Two occupants in the van that struck the taxi also survived. The van occupants required hospital care as well.

According to police, no further details were known about the accident. As of last reports, the investigation was continuing.

When a rear-end crash takes the life of the person who was struck from behind, liability concerns will likely be raised. Why did the rearward striking driver not have enough time to slow down? In this case, the taxi was stopped at a red light, indicating that this collision was not likely his fault. So, was the rearward striking driver distracted by his or her cellphone? Was he or she speeding or not paying attention to the road for some reason, or did his or her brakes fail?

The answers to the above questions will likely dictate the strengths and/or weaknesses of a potential wrongful death lawsuit, should family members of the deceased taxi driver choose to investigate the viability of such a claim. Family members who successfully pursue wrongful death claims after the loss of a loved one, may be able to receive money to pay for end of life expenses and other damages caused by a vehicle collision.

Source: wkrn.com, "Nashville cab driver killed in four-car crash downtown," accessed Nov. 03, 2017

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