What's truck driver burn-out?

There's a little-discussed problem that contributes to truck accidents throughout the nation and it's a lot more complicated than being fatigued and tired. Truckers spend so many hours on the job, driving down the highway, that they can get bored and unhappy. But, at a certain level, the situation gets worse, and they experience trucker "burn-out."

Symptoms of trucker burnout may include hating your job and feeling exhausted every time you get behind the wheel. However, the condition isn't very simple to cure. Ultimately, it can lead to inattentive drivers, truckers who can't sleep very well at night and truckers who are more likely to get into an accident. Even worse, it's not so simple to cure trucker burnout. You might think that a few days off and some good sleep would solve the problem, but a lot of truckers don't overcome the difficulty of trucker fatigue until after they quit their jobs.

The word exhaustion applies to the sufferers of burnout, but this isn't just physical tiredness. It's a deep mental tiredness too. A tiredness that sets in every time a trucker tries to start his or her day at work. It's a sign that truckers aren't getting enough rest, perhaps because they can't sleep very well at night. Cynicism is another sign of burnout. Truckers stop caring about their jobs and all they want to do is get away from the responsibility. The final component of burnout is a lack of confidence in one's job skills. A trucker might stop feeling like he or she can do a good job.

All of the above factors can lead to a higher likelihood of a trucker getting into a crash. As such, trucking companies should always monitor their drivers for any sign of burnout.

If you were injured by a fatigued trucker, you may have the right to pursue financial compensation in court. A successfully navigated personal injury claim could bring you money to pay for your medical care and other damages relating to your accident.

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