December 2017 Archives

The politics of driverless trucks

Considering the countless trucking accidents caused by driver error every year, it's understandable that the driverless vehicle revolution would move its way into the commercial trucking industry. However, it could mean that truck drivers will one day be out of a job. It's for this reason that truck drivers tend to be against the idea.

Wrongful death: The difference between a criminal and civil case?

Imagine your loved one died as a result of another person's criminal activity. Maybe your husband was killed while someone was trying to rob him. Maybe your son died while a drunk driver was operating his or her vehicle unlawfully. In both of these cases, they will trigger a criminal lawsuit against the accused person. They may also give rise to a wrongful death suit in civil court. What's the difference between the criminal and civil cases in these situations?

Former lawmaker files suit after trucking accident

A former Tennessee lawmaker filed a personal injury suit against two trucking companies -- Gogu Trucking Express and Sopranos, Inc. The former state representative filed the lawsuit over injuries he suffered in a trucking accident that happened in Kingsport last November. Although the crash happened in Tennessee, both of the trucking companies in this case are located in Illinois.

Is the Veteran's Administration hiring bad doctors?

Most reasonable people would never think of going to a doctor with multiple malpractice accusations on his or her rap sheet. In fact, it's doubtful you'd consider going to a doctor with even one malpractice accusation. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs appears to be hiring doctors with not just one malpractice claim on their records, but multiple instances of malpractice.

Reduce car accident risks with daytime headlight use

Motorcyclists have long known to turn their headlights on during the day as it increases their visibility and dramatically reduces motorcycle crash risk statistics. To all the motor vehicle drivers out there --p have you ever thought of doing the same? It turns out that according to numerous studies, simply flipping on your headlights during the daylight hours can reduce the likelihood of getting into a collision.