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Medical device recall affects 6,000 asthma inhalers

Patients with serious asthma symptoms never leave their homes without their inhalers in their pockets and in their purses. You simply never know when an attack or difficult symptoms are going to strike, and immediate treatment is vital to ensure that minor symptoms don't worsen into a health event that requires a trip to the emergency room.

Reduce your car accident risks with these tips

There are virtually an unlimited number of ways that an auto accident can happen, and there's no way to prevent all of them. However, by taking a few simple steps – like driving defensively and following the rules of the road – the majority of auto collisions can be avoided.

Airport shuttle crashes: 3 passengers injured

When a motor vehicle accident happens, the first thing that police try to do is determine who is at fault. Among the various candidates who could be "at-fault" parties, there is one category of person who is never at fault: the passenger. As such, when passengers suffer injuries, they will usually have the opportunity to pursue financial claims -- either against the driver of the vehicle they were riding in or against the driver of the other car, or some other party.