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What are 2 ways I can avoid a motorcycle accident as a biker?

When you're riding a motorcycle, you're a lot smaller than every motor vehicle on the road; therefore, you're at a severe disadvantage. Not only will other motorists have a harder time seeing you, but if you get struck by one of them, there's a high chance you'll suffer from a catastrophic injury, or worse, death. As such, it's vital that motorcyclists ride their bikes as safely as possible.

Southwest accident sparks concerns over self-driving car safety

Readers of this blog may remember the last post regarding the safety of self-driving technology as it pertains to autonomously-driven commercial trucks. The idea was that these trucks could help combat accidents caused by sleepy and distracted driving.

Self-driving trucks: The best answer to sleepy drivers?

Federal regulators have instituted numerous laws that govern how many consecutive hours truck drivers can stay behind the wheel, and how much rest time truck drivers need to take every week. These laws are intended to prevent sleep-deprived drivers who push themselves beyond human capacity and are in danger of falling asleep behind the wheel. However, the laws are not perfect -- and drowsy truck drivers continue to wreak havoc on the safety of America's highways.

Steering wheel detachment danger sparks recall by Hyundai

Unless it's a fully automated self-driving automobile, steering wheels are not optional pieces of equipment in vehicles. For this reason, Hyundai announced that it was recalling almost 44,000 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sports in the United States. The vehicles have steering wheels that can fall off while driving. Fortunately, it appears that the automaker issued the recall in advance of any reported injuries, accidents or fatalities relating to the defective steering assemblies.

Regulators finalize rule for foreign medical device trials

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finalized its rule on the requirements for medical device trials and testing performed outside the United States. With the updated standards, these trials must be carried out under the standards of good clinical practice (GCP).