What are 2 ways I can avoid a motorcycle accident as a biker?

When you're riding a motorcycle, you're a lot smaller than every motor vehicle on the road; therefore, you're at a severe disadvantage. Not only will other motorists have a harder time seeing you, but if you get struck by one of them, there's a high chance you'll suffer from a catastrophic injury, or worse, death. As such, it's vital that motorcyclists ride their bikes as safely as possible.

Here are two tips that will help motorcyclists stay safe on the road:

Let's get visible: "Let's get visible," is not a song from the 1980s, but if you can but those words to the tune of "Let's get physical," you might get this idea stuck in your head and never get it out again. Choose your clothing wisely. Wear bright colors, wear reflective gear, put reflective tape on your bike and buy the best and brightest headlights and other lights you can buy.

Stick to the freeways, they're safer: In-town riding is the most dangerous riding of all. Cars in dense traffic are distracted by all the things around them and there are too many variables to keep track of. Interstate and freeway driving, on the other hand, is in a straight line and it's more predictable. Try to stick to the freeway while you're riding and you'll stay a lot safer.

Every motorcyclist can employ these and other safety tips to prevent getting into a lot of different kinds of accidents. If a motorcycle accident and injuries do happen, however, and it is not the motorcyclist's fault. The injured biker may want to investigate his or her crash and injuries from the perspective personal injury law.

Source: State Farm, "Tips To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents," accessed March 30, 2018

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