April 2018 Archives

Prevent slipping and sliding on the road this spring

When it comes to traction, there's no better way to prevent a vehicle accident than making sure your tires are gripping the road. This means driving at safe speeds, following road signs that advise you to use caution and making sure your tires, your brakes and your vehicle are in great working condition.

Why is sleep-deprived driving so dangerous?

It might seem like it could never happen to you, but if you had a bad night's rest – or for some reason you couldn't get enough sleep – you too could fall asleep behind the wheel. This is why every driver must pay close attention to how rested and alert he or she feels before driving a motor vehicle. Deciding to drive a car while fatigued is not only irresponsible, but it could also leave the at-fault driver financially liable for the injuries, deaths and property damages he or she causes.

Is a rearward-facing car seat really better?

The sheer number of car seat options available to parents of young children can be unnerving. How do you know which car seat is safest for your child? Considering the fact that the price of the car seat is not always an indicator of quality, parents have to do a lot of sleuth work when selecting the best seat on the market. One piece of information revealed by a recent safety study, however, will put parent's minds at ease concerning the safety of rear-facing car seats.

Tragic car accident leaves 1 woman dead in Louisville

No one goes out for a drive expecting to get involved in a serious accident -- especially not an accident that claims the lives of the driver or any passengers. Nevertheless, fatal automobile collisions are common in Tennessee, and many of them are the result of driver negligence, recklessness or unlawfulness. One of the most deadly causes of car accidents, for example, is drunk driving.