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Southwest accident sparks concerns over self-driving car safety

Readers of this blog may remember the last post regarding the safety of self-driving technology as it pertains to autonomously-driven commercial trucks. The idea was that these trucks could help combat accidents caused by sleepy and distracted driving.

Steering wheel detachment danger sparks recall by Hyundai

Unless it's a fully automated self-driving automobile, steering wheels are not optional pieces of equipment in vehicles. For this reason, Hyundai announced that it was recalling almost 44,000 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sports in the United States. The vehicles have steering wheels that can fall off while driving. Fortunately, it appears that the automaker issued the recall in advance of any reported injuries, accidents or fatalities relating to the defective steering assemblies.

Reduce your car accident risks with these tips

There are virtually an unlimited number of ways that an auto accident can happen, and there's no way to prevent all of them. However, by taking a few simple steps – like driving defensively and following the rules of the road – the majority of auto collisions can be avoided.

Possible defendants in a truck accident

If you or a family member were hurt in a truck accident due to the truck driver's unlawful or negligent driving, it might be possible to pursue a financial claim for damages. Before pursuing such a claim, however, it's vital to determine who the potential defendants will be -- in other words, who is liable to pay you compensation for your injuries?

Ford customers forced to wait for their Takata airbag repairs

Think about this for a second: Your auto manufacturer notifies you that a serious defect in your vehicle could kill you at any moment. In fact, driving your vehicle is akin to Russian Roulette. Every time you get behind the wheel, you run the risk of death. Next, the manufacturer says that they will fix your car for free -- you'll just have to wait a few weeks for the repair, and in the meantime, they won't give you a loaner vehicle. You're forced to drive your potentially deadly automobile until the dealer can fix it.

Reduce car accident risks with daytime headlight use

Motorcyclists have long known to turn their headlights on during the day as it increases their visibility and dramatically reduces motorcycle crash risk statistics. To all the motor vehicle drivers out there --p have you ever thought of doing the same? It turns out that according to numerous studies, simply flipping on your headlights during the daylight hours can reduce the likelihood of getting into a collision.

Semitruck crash leaves 2 dead

Two victims died in a crash between a semitruck and a passenger car last Tuesday. According to authorities, the incident happened during the early morning hours, at approximately 1:15 a.m. in Manchester below the exit 110 overpass along Interstate 24.

Tennessee taxi driver dead following tragic rear-end crash

A 55-year-old man is dead following a catastrophic four-vehicle accident in mid-October. The incident happened in downtown Nashville at approximately 4 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon. According to authorities, the victim was stopped at a traffic light when another vehicle -- a Ford Econoline Van -- drove into the back of him.

Why you should always call 911 after a car accident

Car accidents happen every day in Tennessee, and most of them don't involve any kind of injuries. However, just be cause a collision doesn't result in injuries doesn't mean that you should refrain from calling 911 to report the incident. It is very risky to refrain from reporting an accident to police.