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Kia announces recall of 507,000 cars for defective air bags

Kia is the latest automaker to add a large batch of vehicles to the Takata air bag recall list in the United States. Kia recently announced the recall of 507,000 cars throughout the nation due to faulty air bags that run the risk of not deploying during a collision. This recall is connected to the recall of 580,000 cars by Hyundai for the same issue.

Are you still waiting to get your Takata air bags fixed?

If you drive your children to school in a vehicle affected by the Takata air bag recalls -- and you haven't taken the car in to get it fixed yet -- you're taking a grave risk with your family. Some of the vehicles recalled in the Takata recalls have a 50-50 chance of an explosion in the event of a fender bender.

Prevent slipping and sliding on the road this spring

When it comes to traction, there's no better way to prevent a vehicle accident than making sure your tires are gripping the road. This means driving at safe speeds, following road signs that advise you to use caution and making sure your tires, your brakes and your vehicle are in great working condition.

Why is sleep-deprived driving so dangerous?

It might seem like it could never happen to you, but if you had a bad night's rest – or for some reason you couldn't get enough sleep – you too could fall asleep behind the wheel. This is why every driver must pay close attention to how rested and alert he or she feels before driving a motor vehicle. Deciding to drive a car while fatigued is not only irresponsible, but it could also leave the at-fault driver financially liable for the injuries, deaths and property damages he or she causes.

Is a rearward-facing car seat really better?

The sheer number of car seat options available to parents of young children can be unnerving. How do you know which car seat is safest for your child? Considering the fact that the price of the car seat is not always an indicator of quality, parents have to do a lot of sleuth work when selecting the best seat on the market. One piece of information revealed by a recent safety study, however, will put parent's minds at ease concerning the safety of rear-facing car seats.

What are 2 ways I can avoid a motorcycle accident as a biker?

When you're riding a motorcycle, you're a lot smaller than every motor vehicle on the road; therefore, you're at a severe disadvantage. Not only will other motorists have a harder time seeing you, but if you get struck by one of them, there's a high chance you'll suffer from a catastrophic injury, or worse, death. As such, it's vital that motorcyclists ride their bikes as safely as possible.

Southwest accident sparks concerns over self-driving car safety

Readers of this blog may remember the last post regarding the safety of self-driving technology as it pertains to autonomously-driven commercial trucks. The idea was that these trucks could help combat accidents caused by sleepy and distracted driving.

Steering wheel detachment danger sparks recall by Hyundai

Unless it's a fully automated self-driving automobile, steering wheels are not optional pieces of equipment in vehicles. For this reason, Hyundai announced that it was recalling almost 44,000 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sports in the United States. The vehicles have steering wheels that can fall off while driving. Fortunately, it appears that the automaker issued the recall in advance of any reported injuries, accidents or fatalities relating to the defective steering assemblies.

Reduce your car accident risks with these tips

There are virtually an unlimited number of ways that an auto accident can happen, and there's no way to prevent all of them. However, by taking a few simple steps – like driving defensively and following the rules of the road – the majority of auto collisions can be avoided.

Possible defendants in a truck accident

If you or a family member were hurt in a truck accident due to the truck driver's unlawful or negligent driving, it might be possible to pursue a financial claim for damages. Before pursuing such a claim, however, it's vital to determine who the potential defendants will be -- in other words, who is liable to pay you compensation for your injuries?