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Prevent nursing home neglect by staying alert

If your mother or father is in a nursing home, you probably took a lot of time -- and did a lot of research -- to choose the best nursing care facility in Bradley. However, even the best nursing homes with the cleanest reputations can neglect their patients. For this reason, you should always stay alert and be diligent to ensure that you're loved one is receiving the best care possible at all times.

Prevent bed sores with these tips

Bed sores are one of the most common signs of nursing home neglect. If you notice that your loved one is suffering from a bed sore, it's time to ask questions about the level of care that he or she is receiving. It's also time to take swift action to treat the bed sore and prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Man found dead after wandering from nursing home

An 82-year-old nursing home resident was recently found dead in an elevator at a building next door to his nursing facility. The man had been missing since July 5, when he was last seen at his nursing home in a western state wearing a gray and white shirt and pajama pants.

3 important questions about nursing home abuse and neglect

Nursing home abuse and neglect are prevalent throughout care facilities in the Unites States. With the baby-boomer generation growing older, it seems that the situation is only getting worse. Here are few questions that every nursing home resident, or every relative of a nursing home resident, should know the answers to regarding this important topic.

What's the elder Abuse Suspicion Index?

Every person who stays in a nursing facility is different. Some are so vocal that they complain about everything -- to the degree that it seems like they're being abused when they're actually not. Others will silently endure lots of horrible and abusive situations without ever saying a word. Still, other residents do not even have the mental or physical capacity to complain about their abuser.

Tennessee health department failed to report nursing home abuse

The Tennessee Department of Health formerly criticized a nursing home in Sullivan County for its failure to disclose abuse allegations. Later, the Sullivan County district attorney's office criticized the Tennessee Department of Health for doing exactly the same.

Advocates against nursing home neglect needed

A number of organizations and agencies are calling attention to the vulnerable status of the elderly in Tennessee and across the United States and addressing the need to speak out. As people age, they may become hard of hearing, their eyesight may diminish, their memories may fade and some become very frail. All these problems, which develop with old age, make the elderly vulnerable to nursing home neglect and abuse.

Nursing home neglect: a case of the wrong medicine

The well-being of patients placed in an elder care facility is often completely at the hands of the staff of the care facility at which the patients reside. Tennessee dementia sufferers definitely falls within this category. One such case of alleged nursing home neglect involves an elderly retired teacher whose family is now suing the alleged negligent facility.