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The most important precautions to prevent truck crashes

Have you ever seen a sport biker or a speedy motorist weaving in and around traffic on the interstate? There's a lot of reasons why speeding and recklessly changing lanes like this is a bad idea. For example, it's not only illegal, but it's also extremely dangerous on the interstate, where big rig drivers can be found. Because of the risks that semitrucks present, it's essential for everyone sharing the highway with them to drive responsibly and defensively while utilizing the highest level of caution and care.

Self-driving trucks: The best answer to sleepy drivers?

Federal regulators have instituted numerous laws that govern how many consecutive hours truck drivers can stay behind the wheel, and how much rest time truck drivers need to take every week. These laws are intended to prevent sleep-deprived drivers who push themselves beyond human capacity and are in danger of falling asleep behind the wheel. However, the laws are not perfect -- and drowsy truck drivers continue to wreak havoc on the safety of America's highways.

Airport shuttle crashes: 3 passengers injured

When a motor vehicle accident happens, the first thing that police try to do is determine who is at fault. Among the various candidates who could be "at-fault" parties, there is one category of person who is never at fault: the passenger. As such, when passengers suffer injuries, they will usually have the opportunity to pursue financial claims -- either against the driver of the vehicle they were riding in or against the driver of the other car, or some other party.

The politics of driverless trucks

Considering the countless trucking accidents caused by driver error every year, it's understandable that the driverless vehicle revolution would move its way into the commercial trucking industry. However, it could mean that truck drivers will one day be out of a job. It's for this reason that truck drivers tend to be against the idea.

Former lawmaker files suit after trucking accident

A former Tennessee lawmaker filed a personal injury suit against two trucking companies -- Gogu Trucking Express and Sopranos, Inc. The former state representative filed the lawsuit over injuries he suffered in a trucking accident that happened in Kingsport last November. Although the crash happened in Tennessee, both of the trucking companies in this case are located in Illinois.

Remember semitruck safety this holiday season

As the need for goods increases due to holiday shopping, more semitrucks will venture out on the roads. Being prepared to drive near these large and heavy vehicles is imperative for all drivers. Because the risks are so great, drivers should take a few minutes to brush up on some basic facts about semitrucks.

What's truck driver burn-out?

There's a little-discussed problem that contributes to truck accidents throughout the nation and it's a lot more complicated than being fatigued and tired. Truckers spend so many hours on the job, driving down the highway, that they can get bored and unhappy. But, at a certain level, the situation gets worse, and they experience trucker "burn-out."

Top 6 reasons why semitruck accidents happen

Common sense tells you that when a passenger vehicle gets into a collision with a semitruck, the semitruck's weight and size will result in catastrophic damage -- and the possibility of fatal injuries -- to anyone inside the passenger car. In order to prevent these accidents from happening, semitruck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers need to learn about their common causes so they can avoid them.

Mom of man killed in semitruck crash hopes to change the law

A Tennessee mother is trying to change federal law following the death of her son in a semitruck crash. The woman is lamenting the death of her son, and hoping it won't be in vain. In her effort to honor her son's memory, she spent the last days of August in Washington, D.C., to talk about trucking safety in round table discussions with leaders from the insurance and trucking industries.

Shouldn't school buses have seatbelts?

A school bus crash is particularly dangerous to the student riders inside the bus. Not only is it rare for students in a bus to use a seatbelt, but there is no legal requirement for buses to have seatbelts installed, so in many cases, riders do not even have the option to use them. This means that even in a relatively minor bus accident, riders can get thrown around and suffer injuries.