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A recalled electric chainsaw has tool buyers concerned

As a United States consumer, you have come to expect a certain level of quality in all of the products you purchase at retail stores. This especially applies to the safety of the products you buy. You certainly don't expect a widely-distributed consumer product to pose a threat to you and your family's safety. Nevertheless, from time to time, a dangerous product emerges that blindsides everyone. This has been the case with a recently-recalled electric chainsaw sold at Harbor Freight Tools.

The 4 vital elements of motorcycle safety

The smartest motorcyclists take great care to limit their chances of being involved in a crash. This is because the threat of catastrophic injury in even a minor motorcycle accident is high, and every effort to be safer on the part of the biker could mean the difference between life and death on the road. With this in mind, motorcyclists may want to review the following four essentials to motorcycle safety.

Tragic car accident leaves 1 woman dead in Louisville

No one goes out for a drive expecting to get involved in a serious accident -- especially not an accident that claims the lives of the driver or any passengers. Nevertheless, fatal automobile collisions are common in Tennessee, and many of them are the result of driver negligence, recklessness or unlawfulness. One of the most deadly causes of car accidents, for example, is drunk driving.

8 injured, 1 dead in head-on drunk driving collision

Police have arrested and accused a 24-year-old man of driving under the influence after a fatal car accident in Shelby County. According to authorities, the young man was driving a pickup truck when crashed head-on into a sport utility vehicle with eight people riding inside it.

Wrongful death: The difference between a criminal and civil case?

Imagine your loved one died as a result of another person's criminal activity. Maybe your husband was killed while someone was trying to rob him. Maybe your son died while a drunk driver was operating his or her vehicle unlawfully. In both of these cases, they will trigger a criminal lawsuit against the accused person. They may also give rise to a wrongful death suit in civil court. What's the difference between the criminal and civil cases in these situations?

How do I calculate pecuniary damages in a wrongful death suit?

In a successfully navigated wrongful death suit plaintiffs may be able to receive an award of "pecuniary damages." These damages relate to the financial injuries suffered by the close family members and/or dependants who survived the deceased person.

Did your loved one die in an accident?

Many fatal accidents are nothing more than that: accidents that were no one's fault. Families are left to deal with the difficult time following their loved one's loss without any monetary assistance to deal with the costs and loss of family income associated with death.

My loved one died in the middle of a personal injury lawsuit

Imagine your loved one -- such as your husband or wife -- was involved in a serious and debilitating car accident. While recovering from his or her injuries, your spouse initiated a personal injury claim against the party or parties at fault for the accident and associated injuries. However, your spouse died in the middle of the lawsuit before he or she could make a financial recovery.

Here are the most common causes of wrongful death events

Fatal accidents happen every day in Tennessee. In many of these incidents, no one is to blame; they are true accidents that weren't anyone's fault. In other cases, the accidents are the fault of an unlawful, negligent or reckless party. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most common ways that wrongful death incidents occur.

How often should I change my car tires?

Your vehicle's tires are essential to accident avoidance. When your tires are new and fresh, they're more capable of gripping the road, which improves your ability to stop, accelerate and swerve around obstacles. When your tires are old and worn out, they're more likely to slip and slide, which could result in a serious accident.